Quaker Books and Journals

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A number of leaflets, pamphlets and books on various aspects of Quaker concern are available on the literature table in the hallway and the library. The following are especially recommended:

Faith and Practice, North Pacific Yearly Meeting
Friends for 300 Years, Howard Brinton
The Story of Quakerism, Elfrida Vipont
The Journal of George Fox
The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship, George Forman
Barclay in Brief (pamphlet), Eleanor Mather
Beyond Majority Rule, Michael J. Sheeran
Quaker Spirituality
The Journal of John Woolman

You may also be interested in these publications:

Friends Journal
Western Friend
Gleamings, UFM Newsletter (to receive Gleamings and weekly bulletins via email please send a request to UFMeeting@gmail.com )