Programs for Children and Youth

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Infants and Preschoolers

Child care for infants, toddlers and preschool children is available during Meeting for Worship at 11:00. It is located downstairs in spacious, well-equipped nursery school rooms. The infant/toddler and preschool programs at UFM seek to strengthen the same foundations of spiritual growth that Quaker parents strive to nurture within their families. Our fundamental goal is to acknowledge and treasure that of God within each person, often referred to by Quakers as the Inner Light. Believing that Quakerism is caught, not taught, child care providers and preschool teachers consistently practice principles of simplicity, honesty, nonviolence and creative response to conflict, service,love, self-respect, respect for others, and respect for the natural world.

Elementary School Age Children

Care for elementary school children is available during Meeting for Worship at 11:00 with a First Day School teacher where they participate in a wide variety of activities. Activities focus on Quaker tenets (such as simplicity, community, tolerance, ecological awareness, social justice), Quaker spirituality (including the richness of inner silence and the Inner Light), Quaker practices (Meeting for Worship), Quaker foundations (Christianity and the Bible), and Quaker history. Activities include creative arts, crafts, interactive stories, cooperative games, participatory music, gardening and walking trips to nearby sites.

Middle and High School Students

A schedule of activities planned by teens and their advisors is available for middle and high school students. Most programs begin around 11:15 AM when students leave Meeting for Worship with their advisor, but some programs begin before Meeting for Worship and/or extend beyond 12 noon. Other programs may involve traveling to visit a different religious service, work at a community service venue, attend a social action demonstration/event, participate in an arts activity, or go on a fun outing. Transportation for events away from UFM is walking, by bus, or in cars driven by adults.