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Interest Form

To get involved in a committee, start by filling out this line survey of what you are interested in which will help the Nominating Committee match your interests with the greatest need:

University Friends Meeting Service Form

Paper copies are available in the meeting house or can be emailed upon request. Contact Elizabeth Lunney, clerk, at or 206.352.8333.

Committee Descriptions

Adult Religious Education

Plans First Day 9:30 a.m. discussion hours.


Arranges art shows in Meetinghouse and fosters the creative spirit in UFM.

Care and Counsel (*)

Provides pastoral care of Meeting. Oversees marriages, memorials and memberships.

Care Subcommittee

A subcommittee of Care and Counsel which oversees care committees formed to assist members and attenders of Meeting.


Consists of the Clerk, Assistant Clerk, Recording Clerk, Treasurer, and representatives of all Meeting committees. Prepares agenda for Business Meeting.


Designs religious education and activities for children and young people of the Meeting.


Maintains building and grounds. Serves as chief liaison with facilities manager and caretaker.


Works with the Treasurer to manage finances of Meeting.

Friends Center

Develops opportunities for new and longstanding members of Meeting to get to know one another and to build a strong sense of community.

Junior Friends Advisers

Work with teenagers of Meeting, approximately once a month.


Buys and keeps track of books and publications for reference and circulation.


Ascertains interests of Meeting member and attenders and consults with officers and committee clerks to recommend people to fill UFM positions.

Peace and Social Concerns

Seasons Friends’ concerns for peace and social justice and refers to Monthly Meeting. Current focus on homelessness.


Works with appropriate committees to hire employees and oversees relationship between Meeting and its paid employees.


Oversees QuEST internship program, including intern support, recruitment of agencies and interns, long-range planning and administrative support.


Works with UW Finance Office to select scholarship recipients. Disburses Educational Trust.

Worship and Ministry (*)

Fosters and strengthens the spiritual life of Meeting by nurturing Meeting for Worship and the spiritual growth of individuals in Meeting.

Worship Group Oversight

Consists of representatives of UFM and worship groups with responsibility for communications with oversight of worship groups under UFM’s care.

Officers and Representatives

Clerk (*): Conducts Meeting for Worship for Business, responsible for overall well-being of Meeting.

Recording Clerk: Prepares minutes of Meeting for Worship for Business and Coordinating Committee.

Representative to the Church Council: Represents UFM with Church Council of Greater Seattle.

Representative to NPYM (North Pacific Yearly Meeting) Steering Committee: Participates in decision-making for North Pacific Yearly Meeting, report to/from UFM; meets 3 Saturdays in Portland, meets twice at Annual Session in August.

Representative to NPYM Ministry and Oversight (*): Requires experience with Worship and Ministry/Oversight. Meets once in May plus works during Annual Session during August.

Representative to PNQM (Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting) Continuing Committee: Conducts ongoing work of Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting, reports to/from UFM; meets at Quarterly Meeting in September and April and once in winter.

Representative to FCWPP (Friends Committee on Washington State Public Policy): FCWPP lobbies for Quaker concerns. Meets at Quarterly Meeting in September and April and once in late fall.

Contact for FCNL (Friends Committee on National Legislation): Facilitates communication between UFM and Friends Committee on National Legislation regarding national issues of concern to Quakers; serves ex officio on Peace and Social Concerns Committee.

Contact for AFSC (American Friends Service Committee): Facilitates communication between UFM and American Friends Service Committee regarding issues of peace and justice; ex officio on Peace and Social Concerns Committee.

NOTE: * = Must be a member of Religious Society of Friends to serve in these positions.