Becoming a Member

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Membership in the Society of Friends does not require the acceptance of any particular formula or creed, but is based on an informed willingness to share in the responsibilities of Friends’ religious fellowship and to enter with sympathetic awareness into our distinctive faith and tradition. Attenders considering membership will want to become familiar with Friends’ practices and testimonies by attendance, discussion and reading.

When a person feels clear that membership is desired, he or she should write a letter to the Clerk of the Care and Counsel Committee stating the desire for membership and why he or she is drawn toward membership. The Care and Counsel Committee will then appoint a visiting committee to meet with the applicant and discuss membership. When the committee feels clear that the applicant understands the principles of the Society of Friends and is seeking to live by them, a recommendation that the applicant become a member will be made to the Monthly Meeting for Business, which will act on the request at the following Meeting.